Blade Shades – Blood

The Original Blade Shades Blood

  • Hockey Stick Arms
  • Microfiber Cloth Drawstring Case
  • Red/White Arms, Matte Black Frame, Red Mirror Polarized Lens


Introducing Blade Shade Blood sunglasses, the ultimate choice for hockey enthusiasts who demand both style and performance on and off the ice.

With Blade Shades, your love for the game stays front and center. Whether you're a winger, a defenseman, or even a goalie, there's a style that speaks to your passion.

Featuring striking Red/White Hockey Stick Arms seamlessly integrated with a sleek Matte Black Frame and a Red Mirror Lens, these sunglasses make a statement and enhance your vision on the rink.

Experience superior clarity and focus with our innovative design tailored for better hockey vision, ensuring you never miss a crucial play.

And to keep your shades in top condition, each pair comes with a Microfiber Cloth Drawstring Case for convenient storage and cleaning.

Elevate your game with Blade Shade Blood sunglasses – because hockey isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle.

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