18K Weave Lightweight Custom Ice Hockey Sticks


$399 for 3

Custom Sticks



395gm** +/-10gm 18K Weave True One-Piece Design

3 ultra-lightweight custom 18K weave ice hockey sticks with your exact specs!

100% Carbon True One-Piece Composite Hockey Sticks

Build your sticks in 6 Easy Steps:

  • Length (size)
  • Blade
  • Kick Point (only an option with AB28 & AB92)
  • Flex
  • Finish
  • Hand

Check out our Blade Comparison Chart before starting.


Minimum Qty is 3

additional sticks add $133 each


Allow 8 – 10 weeks for delivery

**stick only weight, not end cap and bag
18K Sticks do not qualify for standard replacement policy.

18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick: Unmatched Quality and Performance

The 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick is made with the highest quality materials and advanced construction techniques. The stick features an 18k weave design, which provides superior strength, durability, and responsiveness on the ice. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, this stick will deliver the performance you need to elevate your game.

Elevate Your Game with the 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick

The 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick is designed to offer improved control and precision with each shot. The stick features a balanced weight distribution and optimized blade curve, allowing for more accurate shots and better stick handling. The stick’s lightweight construction also allows for quick and nimble movements, giving you the edge you need on the ice.

Make a Statement on the Ice with the Stylish 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick

In addition to its high-performance features, the 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick boasts an eye-catching design that is sure to turn heads on the ice. The stick’s sleek black and silver color scheme, combined with its unique 18k weave pattern, makes it a stylish choice for any hockey player. Whether you are looking to make a statement on the ice or simply want a high-quality stick, the 18k Weave Ice Hockey Stick is a perfect choice.

What length should my ice hockey stick be?

Traditionally the stick held on the toe of the blade should reach to your nose. Defensemen may prefer a longer reach, so a longer stick. A shorter stick will force you lower for more control with quick turns and stickhandling.

Another way to judge the size is to stand on the ice with your skates on and arm straight down your side. The blade should sit flat on the ice.

What are a sticks Lie & Flex and why is it important?

The stick lie is the angle of the handle to the ground with the blade flat on the ice. The higher the number, the steeper the angle. Lower lies are for players who skate lower to the ice with the puck in front of them.

Flex is the amount of force required to flex the shaft 1″. A 70 flex takes less force and is whippier. A 110 flex is stiffer and requires more force to flex.


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