Blade Shades – Goon

Blade Shades Goon

  • Wood Hockey Stick Arms
  • Microfiber Cloth Drawstring Case
  • Bamboo Arms, Matte Black Frame, Mirror Polarized Lens


Introducing the Blade Shade Goon sunglasses, a timeless tribute to the golden era of hockey when sticks were wood, helmets were optional, and the game was played with pure passion.

Inspired by the original lumber wielded by hockey legends who etched their names in history, the Goon Glasses are more than just shades – they're a nod to tradition, a celebration of the grit and glory that define the sport.

Crafted with bamboo wood arms reminiscent of the iconic sticks of yesteryears, these sunglasses exude a classic charm that transcends generations.

Embrace the nostalgia of the old school while making a bold statement on and off the ice with the Blade Shades Goon. With its Matte Black Frame and bamboo wood arms, this timeless design pays homage to hockey's heritage while elevating your style game to legendary status.

Experience the thrill of the game with enhanced vision and clarity, thanks to our specially designed lenses tailored for optimal performance in any arena.

Complete with a Microfiber Cloth Drawstring Case, the Blade Shade Goon ensures your shades stay protected and pristine, just like the memories of hockey's glorious past.

Embrace the spirit of the game with the Blade Shade Goon – where tradition meets modern style, and every moment is a tribute to hockey's enduring legacy.

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